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Every dream starts

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Every child

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Children are the heroes

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Every dream starts with a step

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Who we are

Bedayat is a groundbreaking concept that innovative modern full-day nurseries. We will take care of your child’s needs by providing them with full around-the-clock care and security while they’re with us. We strive to develop an educational environment that fits your child’s psychological and social needs.


We aim to become the first in the field of child care AND education in the KSA


-We wish to develop your child's skills according to a safe learning environment.
- We want to serve the working parents and provide superior care for their children during their working hours.
-We have met the highest global standards in child care and early education.

why bedayaat?

High Design Standards

Bedayat Nursery is designed to be the most appropriate for the comfort of our children, as it combines the atmosphere of the home and the environment of the study at the same time, in addition to the technical aspect that aims to spread the place in an environment of fun and play.

Educational GAMES

We can always play and learn at the same time! So we provide our children with games that develop their sensory and moral awareness and support their social needs.

Health care

Our concern for the health of our children is our first priority, not only their physical health but also their mental health so that they can develop their personalities together, be calm, and be free of problems.

Special follow up

We take care of our children with integrated care and attempt to follow up with their needs as much as we can. We also follow up with our students’ parents as frequently as we can .

Safety precautions

We provide every possible safety precaution for our children. Our safety precautions vary from complete sterilization in all our branches and child monitoring to follow-up systems around the clock. We continue to have a safe environment free of electrical sources, any sharp tools, and any harmful substances.

Healthy nutrition plans

It is very important that we provide our children with proper healthy nutritious meals, to provide them with vigor and vitality and provide them with all the nutrients they need.So, we contracted with a specialized company to organize these healthy meals and proper diets.

Convenient Locations

Bedayat aims to serve working mothers, locations have been selected in several neighborhoods in Riyadh, and we intend to be in each neighborhood of Riyadh to be always nears you.

Suitable working times

We chose the appropriate working hours for female employees in the private and public sectors, from 7 am to 2 pm, or from 7 am to 5 pm.

A suitable space for every child

In order for the child to feel safer, he must be in an environment close to the home environment, and for this we made sure that our nurseries provide an environment that suits the needs of our children.

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